Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Comment Regarding Dallas County Scrounging for 'loose change'

Originally posted at Grits For Breakfast:

"Dallas County scrounging for "loose change' on jail costs but ignores potential savings from jailing fewer people. The Dallas News in a column titled 'Hits and Misses' (Aug. 16) labeled as a miss this suggestion from Dallas County for making ends meet on the backs of jail inmates:..."

SUPER C.O.P's comment

"One way Dallas County is trying to scrounge for loose change is taking the take-home cars from Dallas County Constables and having them park at designated areas to save gas. My question is, will the elected officials give up their car allowances? That will save money! Also, Dallas County has the lowest tax rate in the whole state. If they would raise the tax a half cent, we wouldn't be in such a deficit. At the City Council Meetings, they tell people we can raise the taxes but they don't tell them how much is actually needed. When people hear "raising taxes" they think a large amount, not knowing it only a half cent to take care of the $40,000,000 deficit."

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